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Klusbedrijf in Maastricht

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Crafting Homes

Expertise and Service in one!

The DIY Box was founded by Harold van Aken, who had years of experience in the industry as a work planner and project manager. Fifteen years ago he decided to start his own business and follow his entrepreneurial spirit. He brought all his expertise from various industries to his company and set up a support center in the city center where customers can easily go for questions and assignments.

Service is central to De Klussenbox. In addition to providing professional work, the company is aware of the social aspect and aftercare. After each job, you will be asked if everything went according to plan and small jobs will certainly be acceptedvalued. The company also focuses on home modifications for seniors and works closely with occupational therapists through the company

The founder of De Klussenbox focuses on training and growth

Harold van Aken believes it is important to transfer his knowledge, skills and entrepreneurship to young people and has plans to set up his own training institute to train employees in this overburdened labor market. While handing over more and more responsibility to his colleagues, he now focuses on managing, building teams and growing the company.

expertise and service
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