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het verbeteren van de leefomgeving van senioren

We make your home safer

De Klussenbox specializes in making homes safer for people with a disability or people reaching a certain age. It is important to adapt your home to changing circumstances, so that you can continue to live safely and comfortably.

Safer living with De Klussenbox

Safe living

A fall can quickly lead to serious injury, especially if you are older or have a disability. By having your home checked for safety and making any necessary adjustments, you can prevent many risks. Some examples of adjustments that De Klussenbox can make to make your home safer are:

  • From bath to shower in 24 hours

  • Mounting wall brackets

  • Assembly shower seats

  • Install raised toilet

  • Secure walking routes

  • Make stairs, floors and shower trays anti-slip

  • Improve lighting

  • Mounting threshold aid for rollator

  • Mounting ramps at the front door and back door

  • Installation of safe thermostatic valves

  • Sales and assembly tools Able2

Benefits by

By making these adjustments, the elderly and people with a disability can live longer at home and feel safer in their own home. It can also help them maintain their independence and avoid the costs of moving to an adapted home.

Having your home checked for safety is not only important for the elderly and people with disabilities. It is also useful to have your home checked if you notice that you are becoming less mobile, if you suffer from balance problems or if you have just had an operation. By making adjustments to your home, you can prevent many risks and live independently for longer. De Klussenbox is happy to help you make your home safer, so that you can feel safe and comfortable at home.

home improvements benefits
life resistant home

Lifetime resistant home

With the increase in the over-65s, comfortable and safe homes are becoming increasingly important. With the current developments in healthcare, the elderly continue to live at home for longer. Through targeted adjustments within a home, you ensure a life-resistant home where you can grow old safely and, above all, comfortably. 123grip thinks along with you.

Bathroom and toilet

Important rooms in the house are the bathroom and the toilet. Places where you can relax, but these are also areas where the most accidents occur among the elderly. A step-in shower that is too high or a toilet bowl that is too low can quickly cause falls. Therefore a number of adjustments aimed at fall prevention, safety and comfort in the bathroom and toilet:

  • Raised toilet

  • Ergonomic taps

  • Thermostatic shower faucet

  • Safe shower cubicles

  • Wall brackets

  • Non-slip shower tray

  • Replace bath with shower

Would you like to know more about making your home life-resistant? Make an appointment for a free consultation. The 123grip advisor will come to your home without obligation to look at the options that suit your home.

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