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Install a shower chair in 1 day!

Looking to install a shower chair? At De Klussenbox, we've got you covered! As an experienced handyman company, we understand the importance of having a safe and accessible bathroom, especially for individuals with limited mobility. Our expert team is ready to assist you with the quick and professional installation of a shower chair, allowing you to shower comfortably and independently. Keep reading and discover how De Klussenbox can serve you.

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Benefits of a shower chair in your bathroom

By having a shower chair in your bathroom, you create a safe and comfortable environment for yourself or your loved ones with limited mobility. At De Klussenbox, we recognize the value of a shower chair and the impact it can have on your daily life. Our professional handymen will install a custom shower chair, taking into account your specific needs and bathroom layout. Enjoy the freedom and independence of a safe shower experience with a shower chair from De Klussenbox.

De Klussenbox installs your shower chair in 1 day!

At De Klussenbox, we understand that you don't want to wait long to have a shower chair installed in your bathroom. That's why we offer an efficient service, ensuring your shower chair is installed within 1 day. Our experienced handymen provide precise and secure installation, with attention to detail and quality. Moreover, we strive for excellent customer service and transparency in our rates. You can rely on De Klussenbox for a professional and prompt installation of your shower chair in Maastricht and surrounding areas. Contact us today and make your bathroom more accessible and safer with a shower chair from De Klussenbox.

Showerchair installation

Do i need a shower chair?

A shower chair provides additional stability and support during showering, reducing the risk of falls. It is particularly useful for individuals who struggle with prolonged standing, experience dizziness, or have balance issues. The chair offers a comfortable seating area, allowing users to shower with relaxation and without the concern of falling.

Moreover, a shower chair is beneficial for those recovering from surgery or injury, where prolonged standing or bending may pose challenges. It also facilitates tasks such as washing the feet or legs. Shower chairs are available in various designs and materials, including foldable models for space-saving. It is crucial to choose a chair that suits specific needs and the bathroom environment.

At De Klussenbox, we understand the importance of bathroom accessories that enhance safety and convenience. Our experts can provide advice on the shower chair that best fits your situation. Contact us today for professional guidance and discover how we can contribute to a safer bathroom environment.

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Harold and his team are professional, friendly and always willing to help. We had problems with our kitchen and bathroom and they fixed everything. Very recommended ​

Lorenzo Moroni

Service & Convenience

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De Klussenbox Reviews

Very easy to contact via WhatsApp. Responds very quickly and takes care of things immediately. Good on-site service: problem resolved quickly and efficiently. And also very friendly men! Recommended!

​Sanne van Hees

What is a shower chair?

A shower chair is a seating aid designed for use in the bathroom, aiming to enhance comfort and safety during showering. It provides a stable seating area, allowing individuals with limited mobility or the elderly to shower safely without the risk of falling. Shower chairs typically feature non-slip feet and water-resistant materials to offer a secure and durable solution.

They are beneficial for people with balance issues, mobility restrictions, or during recovery after surgery. Shower chairs are available in various models, including foldable variants for space-saving. Overall, a shower chair improves bathroom accessibility and contributes to a comfortable and independent bathing experience.

Shower chair installation in 1 day in Maastricht

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How does the installation process go?

The correct placement of a shower chair is crucial to ensure optimal functionality and a safe bathing experience. When installing a shower chair, it is essential to consider both safety and comfort. Firstly, the shower chair should be securely attached to the floor to guarantee stability, preventing unintended movement during use and reducing the risk of falls. Additionally, the height of the shower chair should be adjusted to the user. An ideal height facilitates easy sitting and standing, minimizing the risk of joint strain. The chair should also cater to individual needs, such as armrests for extra support.

Proper positioning of the shower chair is crucial as well. Place the chair to allow the user easy access to shower faucets and other necessities. Additionally, consider the available space and ensure the chair does not obstruct other bathroom users. In addition to practical considerations, using durable and water-resistant materials for the shower chair is important to maximize its lifespan and make it resistant to moist environments. By carefully considering these aspects when placing a shower chair, you can create a safe, comfortable, and functional bathing experience for users with mobility limitations.

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