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Why is a shower chair handy?

Known for its prompt and proficient execution of various tasks, The Klussenbox is a reputable handyman service in the center of Maastricht. One of their specialties is the installation of shower chairs. In this article, we will discuss the numerous advantages of a shower chair and explain why The Klussenbox is the ideal choice for fast and efficient installation.

Benefits of a Shower Chair

shower chair installation

A shower chair is not only useful for individuals with mobility issues but also for anyone seeking extra comfort and safety during bathing. Here are some significant benefits of a shower chair.

Safety with shower chair

The primary advantage of a shower chair is the enhanced safety it provides. Showering can be challenging, particularly for the elderly and those with limited mobility. By comfortably sitting on a shower chair, they can significantly reduce the risk of slipping and falling.


A shower chair also offers additional comfort during bathing. Sitting on a chair allows for a relaxed and tranquil shower experience without concerns of fatigue or balance issues.


For individuals with limited mobility, a shower chair promotes independence in bathing. It boosts their sense of self-reliance and confidence by reducing their reliance on assistance from others.

The Klussenbox, fast and Reliable

When it comes to installing shower chairs in Maastricht, The Klussenbox is the best choice. Their experienced team of professionals understands the importance of swift and efficient service. As a result, they can install shower chairs within just one day, allowing you to quickly enjoy their benefits.

With their comprehensive knowledge of Maastricht and the city center, The Klussenbox can promptly assist customers in this region. Whether you reside in the heart of the city or in nearby neighborhoods, The Klussenbox is always ready to help with all your handyman needs.

A shower chair is a practical addition to any bathroom, regardless of the user's mobility. It not only provides added safety and comfort but also increases the independence of individuals with limited mobility. If you're searching for a reliable handyman service in Maastricht that can quickly and efficiently install shower chairs, look no further than The Klussenbox. Click here for more information about shower chairs and their services.

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