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Living safely with 123Grip

A fall can be dangerous for anyone, but older adults and people with disabilities are at an increased risk of serious injury due to falls. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to make your home safer and minimize the risk of falls. At De Klussenbox, we understand the importance of a safe living environment, and we offer various modifications and improvements to make your home as safe as possible. Here are some examples of the modifications we can make to ensure and enhance your safety:

From bath to shower in 24 hours

A bathtub can be an obstacle for people with mobility issues, which is why we offer a quick conversion from a bathtub to a shower at De Klussenbox. This modification not only creates an accessible but also a safe shower space. It eliminates the risk of slipping, often associated with bathing. Our experts ensure that the new shower fits perfectly in your bathroom and meets all your comfort and safety needs.

Mounting wall grab bars

Wall grab bars are invaluable for additional support, especially in the bathroom and other areas where stability is crucial. Our professionals install sturdy wall grab bars in strategic locations, providing you with something to hold onto when standing up, sitting down, or moving around your home. These bars offer peace of mind and added safety where you need it most.

Installing shower chairs

Shower chairs are a great solution for people with limited mobility. They enable safe showering without the need to stand. At De Klussenbox, we install these chairs carefully and securely, minimizing the risk of slipping in the shower.

Living safely with elevated toilet

An elevated toilet is a welcome addition for people with knee or hip problems. We adjust the height of the toilet and ensure proper installation, resulting in optimal comfort and convenience. This minimizes discomfort and the risk of falls when using the toilet.

Creating safe pathways

At De Klussenbox, we are committed to identifying and rectifying obstacles and uneven surfaces in pathways. This significantly reduces the risk of tripping. You can confidently move through your home, knowing that your pathways are safe and free of hindrances.

make your home safer

Making stairs, floors, and shower trays slip-resistant

We understand the importance of anti-slip measures in slippery areas such as stairs, floors, and shower trays. Our specialists apply anti-slip materials and coatings to make surfaces safer. This helps prevent accidents resulting from slipping, allowing you to safely access slippery areas.

Improving lighting

Good lighting is essential for preventing falls, especially in dark or poorly lit areas. At De Klussenbox, we take lighting seriously and ensure that all spaces in your home are well illuminated. This contributes to a safe living environment.

Installing threshold ramps

Thresholds can pose a challenge for walker users and people with limited mobility. Our threshold ramps ensure smooth passage, eliminating obstacles and making access to different spaces easier. This allows you to move around your home with ease.

Installing ramps at the front and back doors

Ramps are an excellent solution for making entry and exit from your home easier for wheelchair users and people with mobility issues. We install these ramps carefully and securely, enhancing accessibility and convenience.

Installing safe thermostatic faucets

Our professionals ensure the installation of safe thermostatic faucets, preventing sudden temperature fluctuations and reducing the risk of burns in the shower or sink. This allows you to use faucets safely and without worries.

Sale and installation of Able2

Able2 offers an extensive range of daily living aids that significantly improve safety and comfort at home. At De Klussenbox, we sell and install these aids to support you in daily tasks and activities.

Making these modifications can help older adults and people with disabilities remain in their homes longer and feel safer. It can also help them maintain their independence and avoid the costs of moving to an adapted residence.

Having your home checked for safety is not only essential for older adults and people with disabilities. It's also wise to have your home evaluated if you notice a decrease in your mobility, experience balance issues, or after surgery. By making modifications to your home, you can prevent various risks and continue living independently. De Klussenbox is ready to assist you in creating a safer and more comfortable living environment so that you can always feel secure at home.

At De Klussenbox, we are ready to make your home safer and improve your quality of life. Our professional handymen ensure the right modifications and improvements, allowing you to enjoy your home with confidence and peace of mind. Contact us today for a safety inspection and discover how we can help you live more safely.


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