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Handyman in Limburg

All-round handyman in Limburg!

Welcome to the website of De Klussenbox, we are a technical service point located in Limburg. We are reliable, local, and true craftsmen!

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Skilled Craftsmen Limburg

Welcome to De Klussenbox

Harold van Aken founded De Klussenbox in 2009. He provided mobile handyman services for both private individuals and companies. In April 2021, he opened his first store on Hoenderstraat in Maastricht, which he describes as a support hub for the residents and entrepreneurs of the city center...


Our services

Home Repair Limburg
Restoration Experts
Handyman Professionals
Renovation Contractors
Lock making
Home Repairs
 Home Repair Team
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Schilder Limburg
home painter
Solutions for Your Home Needs
service maastricht
Crafting Dream Homes

Improving the living environment of seniors

We enhance the living environment of seniors by making life-proof adaptations to ensure a safer home. Additionally, we serve as a social sounding board and a companion for conversations. Working with seniors in their own homes is always a special experience.

We deliver solutions through technology, attentive listening, and empathy. When necessary, we share pictures of our accomplishments to engage our clients, especially those with temporary mobility challenges. Moreover, we offer essential safety tips that are often heeded more readily than advice from loved ones, bringing peace of mind to their families.

These partners use De Klussenbox as a handyman service

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Dependable Renovation Contractors
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Efficient Property Maintenance
Repairs and Maintenance
Professional Renovation Solutions
Skilled Handyman Services
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