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All-round handyman in Maastricht!

Welcome to the website of De Klussenbox, we are a technical service point located in the city center of Maastricht. We are reliable, local, and true craftsmen!

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and receive a response within 30 minutes!

Our service technician will visit you and solve the problem quickly and efficiently

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Welcome to De Klussenbox

Harold van Aken started De Klussenbox in 2009. He performed handyman tasks on a mobile basis for private individuals and companies. In April 2021, he opened his first shop on Hoenderstraat in Maastricht. He calls it a support point for the residents and entrepreneurs of the city center...


Our services

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het verbeteren van de leefomgeving van senioren.jpg

Improving the living environment of seniors

We improve the living environment of seniors through life-proof adaptations and provide a safer home. In addition, we act as a social sounding board and conversation partner. It is always special to work with seniors in their own homes.

We offer solutions through technology, listening, and understanding. If necessary, we show pictures of our achievements to increase the involvement of our clients, especially those with temporary reduced mobility. Additionally, we provide important safety tips that are often better followed than advice from loved ones, which provides relief for the family.

These partners use De Klussenbox as a handyman service

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